GAMMA (The Georgian Agency of Market Measurement and Analysis) : Your go-to agency for market insights! With international expertise, we provide the latest data to boost business efficiency, facilitate expansion, and forecast competitive growth.

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Consumer journey 

We analyze preferences and behaviors to enhance the entire consumer journey. By providing insights from awareness to post-purchase, we empower businesses to optimize each interaction, fostering loyalty and sustained growth.

Track Flow

Track Flow is an product designed to empower business owners and marketers to immerse themselves fully in the realm of consumer experiences.

Our tracker offers a unique opportunity to trace the movements of customers, identifying which retail establishments, restaurants, services, and more they have visited.

With Track Flow, you not only gain insights into customer traffic patterns but also a comprehensive understanding of your audience's preferences,

Buyer Trail

Buyer Trail - this tracker focuses on monitoring the purchasing patterns of individuals, specifically honing in on the food products and everyday goods they buy.

By tracking the products regularly purchased, businesses can optimize their offerings, enhance marketing strategies, and tailor their services to better align with the everyday needs of their target audience.

Media Insight

Media Insight is a comprehensive research service that provides a holistic view of media consumption, encompassing TV, radio, internet, messaging platforms, advertising, and more.

Our in-depth analysis empowers businesses to understand the complete landscape of media engagement. Leveraging the insights gained, Media Insight becomes an invaluable tool for shaping effective media and communication strategies.


Do you want to know how your customers really feel about your brand?

GAMMA has the solution special for you - the Brand Love Index.

The Brand Love Index will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service and outline ways to improve it.

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Are you looking for a new marketing strategy?

BESIDE is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to divide customers into groups according to their psychological or lifestyle characteristics, making media and marketing strategy easier than ever before.

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GAMMA has recently conducted a survey to get feedback from taxi users and to understand the user experience and satisfaction level of the taxi services in Tbilisi.
The survey collected data from the users regarding the type of apps they use, the frequency of usage, the availability of services, etc.
The survey also collected feedback from the users...

The second comprehensive study of media consumption, initiated by Gamma Research, will be carried out among the urban population of Georgia. It is a first step towards developing a media strategy, which, due to its volatility, requires continuous and complex analysis. It should be treated as an ongoing activity - you should always be aware of your...