BESIDE - Behavioural Side 

BESIDE - research is psychographics is the qualitative methodology of studying consumers based on psychological characteristics and traits such as values, desires, goals, interests, and lifestyle choices. 
BESIDE - gives you deep understanding of who your consumer is and where can you reach him/her:

- Socio-demographics, media consumption, behavior patterns
- Accurate consumer segmentation
- Target Audience Media preferences
- Target Audience Leisure time spent
- Target Audience Behavioral Preferences

Done properly, psychographic analysis can answer such questions as:

  • Why are consumers choosing Product A over Product B?
  • Why does this product have a higher brand value in the customer's eyes?
  • What marketing messages will match the customer's values in life?

Identify media activities:

TV - Favorite Channels, Watching time, Preferred programs, type of programs & hosts, Type of TV set, Consumption duration & place
Radio - Favorite Channels, Listening time, duration, place, carriers/devices, Preferred type of programs & hosts, Reasons of listening
Press - Preferred editions, Reading place, frequency & duration, Consumption type (do they buy or subscribe to)
Internet - Internet using time, duration, place & devices, Regularly used SMM platform & Purpose of social media usage, Usage of online shops/Youtube/SMM/Search, Actions in Internet.

The psychographic profiles is created based on the following factors:

- Housekeeping

- Visiting Beauty Saloons/Esthetic Centre

- Shopping in Malls/Shopping Centers
- Attending Art or other Educational Clubs, -- Cooking
- Extreme Sports
- Visiting Museums/Exhibitions/Other Cultural Events
- Healthy Lifestyle/Sports/Yoga
- Outdoor/Open Air Activities
- Visiting Traditional Restaurants
- Family&Kids
- Education and self-development
- Reading Professional Articles
- Meeting Interesting People
- Online shopping
And etc. 

You will be able to see consumer behavior, lifestyle and habits in their consumption pattern, if you represent businesses like or other relevant sector:

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