GAMMA creates communication strategy of maximum impact for coffee producer 

In 2022 our company developed an innovative communication strategy for coffee producer to maximize their impact and reach new consumers. By studying the lifestyle of their target consumers, our company was able to create a segmentation that allowed them to set up the most effective communication channels.

We wanted to make sure that our communication strategy was tailored to the consumer, so we conducted a detailed study of their media consumption habits and lifestyle. This segmentation allowed us to set up communication channels that were specific to age groups and place of residence.

The strategy involved using multiple platforms and channels such as television, radio, online ads, social media campaigns, email marketing and more. The aim was to create an integrated approach that reached out to different types of people in different ways in order to increase recognition of the brand and drive sales growth.

The results have been positive with increased recognition among consumers and an increase in sales throughout the year.

The company plans on continuing its creative approach by further refining its segmentation process for even more targeted campaigns in order to reach even more potential customers. Our team is also exploring new ideas for engaging content that will keep existing customers engaged while attracting new ones.

By creating an effective communication strategy tailored specifically for their target customers, this coffee producer has been able to maximize their impact while reaching greater heights than ever before. With continued refinement of their segmentation process and creative content, they are sure to continue seeing success in the years ahead!