GAMMA Introduces Zones of Importance for Communication Strategy 

We, the provider in communication strategy development, is proud to introduce their innovative approach to strategy. With an emphasis on the importance of category in everyday life, GAMMA has developed a method of creating three zones of importance. These zones are based on price sensitivity and product/brand affection and provide insight into the complexity of communication strategy. 

The highest zone, 75-100, is characterized by high price sensitivity and low affection to product/brand. 

This is followed by the 50-75 zone which exhibits medium price sensitivity with somewhat high brand affection. 

The third zone, >50, has a low price sensitivity but high brand affection. As such, this final zone presents the most difficult challenge for communication strategies and requires higher costs for advertising and promotion.

If your product falls into this third zone, then you need to work across all areas and find your consumer in the right mediascape.

Understanding these three zones can be essential for maximizing the value of your product or service. For example, consider mineral water and beer. Active consumers of mineral water account for 77%, and the importance of the category is 87; active consumers of beer 39%, the importance index is 56. If in the case of mineral water, more emphasis is needed on communication in the retail network, than in the category of beer, in addition to activities in retail facilities, the search for a consumer media channels and communication already requires high costs. Further, a similar approach is used in relation to brands. 

By understanding which zone your product falls into, you can tailor your promotional strategies accordingly - ensuring success!