In-store Audit in the EMEA region: a unique methodology for building long-term strategies for the category and individual brands

Our company is proud to announce that in 2022 we conducted large an In-Store Audit in the EMEA region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Mongolia).

This audit helped to unlock the potential of the food retail channel in this region, which is largely focused on confectionery products (which include: chocolate bars, tabs, chewing gum, pralines, dragees, biscuits, etc.).

We believe this unique methodology will allow our partner to build long-term strategies for both the category and individual brands.

Our partner is actively using data to create distribution development strategies, pricing policy, improve merchandising and product placement.

In-store Audit has become one of the most demanded among our services. Through this comprehensive audit process, we are able to provide a detailed analysis of how well each product performs in store and identify opportunities for improvement.

The EMEA market provides a number of unique opportunities for growth within the confectionery's categories. Our team of experts is committed to help our partner develop innovative strategies that will maximize their potential in this sector. With our comprehensive audit process, we are able to provide a detailed overview of in-store performance across all channels within the region.

"We believe that through our In-Store Audit program we can help unlock the potential of this important regional market," said CEO of GAMMA. "Our experts have a deep understanding of how these products perform in store and are committed to help our partner develop effective strategies that will optimize their success."

Our team is dedicated to provide high quality solutions that meet our partners' needs in these critical regions. With our In-Store Audit program, we are confident that we can help them achieve greater success than ever before by unlocking the full potential of retail channels.