74% of the Georgian population consumes chewing gum. We have studied which chewing gum the Georgian citizens purchase.


Chewing gum market is dominated by two large manufacturers - Mars Wrigley and Mondelez International, with a joint market share of almost 85%. Their brands, Dirol and Orbit are the dominant brands on the market, having market share of about 40% and 38% respectively. Turbo and Babol are the next most popular brands, with market shares of 4.2% and 2.6%. Mint and fruit are the two most demanded flavors, accounting for 42% and 24% of sales respectively, while the combinations of berry/citrus and fruit/citrus are the least popular, with a combined share of about 1%.

Graph 1: Market Share by Manufacturer

Mars Wrigley and Mondelez International (the manufacturers of Orbit and Dirol, respectively) together account for almost 85% of chewing gum sales volume. The shares of two companies are almost equal, with Mondelez International having about 44% of share of sales and Mars Wrigley having about 41%. Kent and Perfetti Van Melle are the next relatively big players, having sales shares of 4.2% and 3.7% respectively. The remaining 7.4% of market is taken by smaller, less-known manufacturers.

The next graph illustrates the market share by brand.

Graph 2: Market Share by Brand

Dirol and Orbit are the two most popular brands on the market. Together, they account for almost 80% of the market. Turbo and Babol are the biggest brands after the two, having market shares of 4.2% and 2.6% respectively. Less known, smaller brands hold the 3% of the market.

Next, we looked at which flavors the consumers prefer.

Table 3: Market Share by Flavor

SOURCE: BESIDE PROJECT, Period: February, 2021