Taxi users survey in Tbilisi


GAMMA has recently conducted a survey to get feedback from taxi users and to understand the user experience and satisfaction level of the taxi services in Tbilisi.
The survey collected data from the users regarding the type of apps they use, the frequency of usage, the availability of services, etc. 
The survey also collected feedback from the users regarding the convenience of using these services and the overall satisfaction level with the services 

The survey found that the majority of the users were satisfied with the services provided by Yandex.Taxi , Bolt, Maxim and InDriver.
The users prefer Yandex and Bolt apps as their preferred taxi services in Tbilisi and that the users are satisfied with the services provided by taxi apps in Tbilisi.

The users reported that the services apps were easy to use and convenient.
The results of the survey also highlighted some areas of improvement. For instance, a 24% of customers mentioned that they were not satisfied with the waiting time of the services, the availability of bad customer service (18%) and high rates (15%).

Overall, the results of the survey showed that customers had an high level of satisfaction with the services of Taxi service in Tbilisi.