Simulated game CBC (Choice-based Conjoint) by #Gamma #Research for determine the elasticity of demand and brand value.


The essence of the method #CBC (Choice-based Conjoint) is following: in the decision making process respondents evaluates all the relevant properties of the chosen product, called ''utility'' and chooses that alternative which has more utility price. In this study, the "product as such" and "price" will be the measured attributes. As a result of the analysis, will be obtained meaning of product value or brand (#Brand #Equity) and the elasticity of demand.

During the #CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) experiment phase will be used following parameters: 

  • Research attributes - #price and #brand
  • Demonstrate the design of your own products and competing
  • Price step - price levels

Main effects:

Desirability аof attributes - most undesirable - most desirable. This will give an understanding of the attractiveness of the brand in the entire price range.

The attractiveness of the price - linear, is a sensitivity (elasticity) to the price.

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