Which global fast food chains do customers in Istanbul prefer?


Which global fast-food chains do customers in Istanbul prefer?

We have studied the market of the global fast-food chains represented in Istanbul.

Two global companies dominate the market - McDonald's and Starbucks, holding 30.1% and 26.9% of the market respectively. Starbucks is also the company with the highest Brand Love Index - 78. 

McDonald's, on the other hand, lags behind with a relatively low index of 68. Burger King, KFC, and Domino's Pizza are the next largest chains in Istanbul. Burger King holds 11.8% of the market followed by 11.1% held by KFC and 6.7% held by Domino's Pizza. The market shares of the rest of the companies are less than 5%. 

However, these are the companies having mostly higher Brand Love Indices, with Papa John's scoring 77 points and Subway and Carl's Jr. scoring 74 points each. 

Despite high Brand Love Indices though, these companies are far from the market-dominating McDonald's and Starbucks in terms of their market shares.

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