Which global fast food chains do customers in Istanbul prefer?


If you're looking to find out which global fast-food chains are the most popular in Istanbul, you've come to the right place! We've done the research and have gathered all the information you need to make an informed decision. Read on to learn more about the market share and Brand Love Indices of each company.

McDonald's and Starbucks dominate the market in Istanbul, holding 30.1% and 26.9% of the market respectively. Out of these two companies, Starbucks has a higher Brand Love Index - 78 compared to 68 for McDonald's. Burger King is next with 11.8%, followed by KFC (11.1%) and Domino's Pizza (6.7%). The remaining companies have less than 5% market share each but many have high Brand Love Indices such as Papa John's (77), Subway (76) and Carl's Jr. (75).

It is important to note that Istanbul also has a wide variety of traditional Turkish restaurants that offer delicious local dishes at very reasonable prices; however, these global fast-food chains provide customers with a quick and convenient option without sacrificing taste or quality.

In conclusion, it is clear that McDonald's and Starbucks are the most popular global fast-food chains in Istanbul, dominating almost 60% of the market between them. However, there are several other companies with high Brand Love Indices that can also be taken into account when deciding which chain to choose from in Istanbul. All these companies offer great options for those who need their food quickly so it all comes down to personal preference when choosing the best one!

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