Which snacks do Georgian citizens purchase?


We have studied the consumption of chips, crusts and other similar snacks in Georgia.

Chips are the most popular snack, holding 70% of market share. Frito Lay and Wellington are dominant manufacturers on the market (their respective market shares are 61.4% and 21.2%). Surprisingly, a Georgian brand of FRIXX is the second most popular brand after the Lay's (their market shares are 21% and 22%). The consumers seem to prefer the flavors of cheese, paprika and barbeque. These three flavors account for about 45% of the market share.

Market Share by Category/Market Share by Flavor:

The snack market is dominated by chips, which have a market share of 70%. Crusts hold the 19% of the market. Other snacks account for 11% of the market share.

Cheese, paprika and barbecue are the most demanded flavors on the market, with a joint market share of 45%. The most demanded flavors also include adjika, corn, nacho and sausage. Less demanded flavors hold a combined 19% of the market.

The next graph visualize the market shares of different manufacturers and brands: 

With a market share of 61.4%, Frito Lay (PepsiCo) is the largest manufacturer on the market. Wellington and Kraft Foods Inc. are other big players, having market shares of 21.2% and 9.3% respectively. Ital Food Industry AD and a Georgian manufacturer, LTD Savane are one of the smallest manufacturers on the market. They hold the shares of 0.3% and 0.2% respectively, while other smaller manufacturers account for 0.1% of the market.

The two most popular brands on the market are Lay's and FRIXX, with respective market shares of 22% and 21%. Interestingly, FRIXX is a Georgian brand, produced with local raw materials, that has been on the market since 2015. Doritos and Hrusteam are the next biggest brands, with similar market shares of 15% and 14%. FLiNt, Pringles and Mini Free are one of the smaller brands, having market shares below 2%. Other manufacturers hold a combined share of about 2% of the market.