Our panel gives you the opportunity, to connect with your target audience quickly and easily, which can provide important and valuable feedback on a key issues

Panel participants share the basic information with the research company, which can be used to identify respondents' qualifications and combine them into different target segments (gender, age, employment, income, etc.). Consequently, the online panel enables us to reach users and segments that are relevant and interesting to us. 

Take a chance to catch your target audience by their geographical location, social-economical status, gender and 18+age/Target audience directly connected with Petrol Stations, Car insurance, car repair and maintenance centers and etc.

Catch mothers' behavior in Shopping, Feeding, Media consumption, addiction to ads, Lifestyle, as decision makers to buy households, Choosing drugstores, Medical institutions, etc.

Usage of bank services&products, cards& brands, digital payments&bank platforms, electronic wallet.

Study your target audience by lifestyle, behavior/habits, shopping, digital consumers, media users and etc.

Identify the target audience in detail both in terms health&self-care. Including shopping behavior in the drugstores with a number of children in the household and without.


Decision maker Consumers' behavior/habits of fast food/restaurants, shopping for groceries and different types of beverages consumed by frequency, etc.

Take a chance to catch your target audience by A, B, C _Level employees, company size, job titles, etc.

Catch your target audience within decision makers: Types of Large&Small households/brands/ Shops

Develop 40 + product media strategy. Catch your target audience by their lifestyle: sports playing, reading, watching TV, listening to the radio, playing computer, travel, etc.

Study your target audience by smartphone ownerships, phone brand, operating system, internet usage frequency, PC&game consoles ownerships, etc.


- A quick, easy way to research;
- Target audience - pre-designed user profiles;
- An automated method of data collection that ensures maximum compliance with the selection criteria;
- Convenient for respondents, which increases their involvement in the research process;

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