Gamma, has completed an insightful ethnographic study followed by Shop Along among dairy consumers in Georgia

The study involved 30 mothers aged 25 to 35 years, and provided valuable insight into the behaviour and consumption of different categories of dairy products.

The study was conducted in three stages. The first stage involved studying the behaviour and consumption habits of the target group. The second stage monitored the frequency of purchases and preferences for a month. Finally, the third stage involved observation of actual purchases in a trading facility during Shop Along sessions.

The final data provided Gamma with an opportunity to understand product commitment and importance, selection criteria, and other important factors that drive purchase decisions among young mothers in Georgia. According to CEO of Gamma: "This was an extremely valuable project which allowed us to gain a much deeper understanding into the mindsets of young mothers when it comes to dairy consumption".

The study found that price is a major factor influencing purchase decisions but there is also an increasing focus on health benefits offered by various dairy products. In addition, convenience is becoming increasingly important as time becomes more precious for this demographic group.

Overall, the findings from this qualitative research will be invaluable for company looking to target young mothers in Georgia. This research serves as an excellent example of how ethnographic studies can be used effectively to uncover key insights about target audience which can ultimately help shape marketing strategies and campaigns going forward.