Fast Food Trends Uncovered: A GAMMA Study Across 32 Countries

The fast food industry has always been agile in catering to the preferences of its diverse customer base worldwide. A recent large-scale study by GAMMA, encompassing fast food restaurant users from 32 countries, including Georgia, reveals valuable insights about preferences, satisfaction, commitment to brands, and market shares.

The study by GAMMA segmented fast food restaurants into the main categories of burgers, pizza, drinks, sandwiches, and others. This convenient segmentation allows us to analyze the results and trends within each category.

1. Burger Restaurants:

The findings reveal that burger chains maintain the highest market share among all fast food categories. This dominance is evident across the globe, showing that the love for a juicy burger knows no borders. When it comes to brand loyalty, international chains like McDonald's, Burger King and KFC continue to dominate. Interestingly, regional chains and local burger joints also enjoy a significant following, often due to their adaptation of traditional flavors and ingredients.

2. Pizza Restaurants:

Pizza lovers are also found to be fiercely loyal to their preferred brands. The study showed that the market share for pizza restaurants was second only to burger chains. Domino's and Pizza Hut continue to be the prime competitors in this segment, along with smaller chains and local pizzerias. The preference for pizza is attributed to its customizability, as well as the rising popularity of healthier options such as various types of crusts, gluten-free, and plant-based alternatives.

3. Drink and Donuts:

Drinks and beverages were next in line, capturing significant market share with leading chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts at the forefront. The increasing trend towards artisanal coffee and specialty drinks has contributed to the sustained success of this category. Consumers appreciate the wide range of options when it comes to selecting a coffee, tea, or smoothie that satisfies their taste buds and dietary preferences.

4. Sandwich Restaurants:

Sandwiches may have a smaller slice of the fast food industry, but they hardly lag behind in terms of popularity. Subway continues to be a global leader in this category, while competitor chains like Arby's, Jimmy John's and Panera Bread have their fair share of devoted followers. The demand for a quick, yet wholesome meal has led to this category's steady growth, with brands focusing on innovation, variety, and healthier sandwich offerings.

5. Additional Categories:

The study also took into account other fast food categories, including snacks, desserts, ethnic cuisine, and more. The market share for these additional categories remains smaller compared to those mentioned earlier. However, the diversification and continuous evolution within these niches pave the way for exciting growth opportunities.

The comprehensive study by GAMMA offers valuable insights into the fast food industry and the preferences of its consumers across 32 countries. The results show that burger and pizza chains continue to hold the crown, while drinks and sandwich restaurants follow steadily. This research also highlights that consumers appreciate a balance of variety, innovation, and healthier options, as well as strong brand loyalty within the ever-evolving fast food landscape. As preferences continue to develop, we look forward to seeing how brands adapt and grow to meet the demands of their dynamic customer base.