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Making wise decisions in retail is difficult, but with GAMMA it can be done much easier! We provide services that encompass all aspects of trade research ensuring you will have complete information at your fingertips when making decisions in retail.

Our services include research into market data and analytics; competitive analysis; customer reviews & surveys to benchmark performance against industry peers, as well as many more features.

You'll be able to identify new opportunities, get comprehensive understanding of competitors behavior or leverage our powerful algorithms and tools to predict future trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. With reliable insights within reach, you'll save time sifting through data and gain confidence when making important investment decisions.



Marketing research, which is carried out with the aim of studying the retail market in a given territory by means of a census of all stores (outlets) of traditional and chain retail, represented within the studied area. During the census, absolutely all stores are recorded.

Our company regularly conducts Census in 21 cities of the Caucasus Region. In Georgia - 8 cities, in Armenia - 3 cities, in Azerbaijan - 9 cities.


Through Store Check we receive current information about the existing situation in stores of: prices, terms, hygiene, product availability and supplies, quality of service.
This method is evaluated by:

-How well are the products presented on store shelves;

-Whether the rule of placing products on the shelves is regulated;
-Does the store have the necessary supplies of the product;
-How much product is available for customers;
-If the product is in the right position;
How correctly the price is set.


In Store Audit helps to solve these and many other problems of modern merchandising. We offer service by:

-monitoring the display of goods according to the planogram of a certain network and according to the customer's requirements

-monitoring the display of goods in the promo-zone;
-control of commodity stocks;
-monitoring of placement and timely updating of POS materials and price tags;
- price monitoring and analysis of competitive activity;
- extension of the facing.


Data is the most valuable commodity in the business world. Over the 20 years GAMMA holds the leading positions in the field of Retail Audit

Retail Audit gives you unique opportunity of gathering and analyzing following information:

-Brand's sales volume;

-Sales trends;
-Main players on market;
-Competitors' products;
-Assortment and position on shelves;
-Stock condition


Price monitoring is the regular observation of competitors' prices for subsequent analysis and decision-making to increase or decrease the prices of your products in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Price is the most important criterion that the buyer considers when making a purchase decision and companies implement dynamic pricing, depending on the prices of similar goods on the market at the current moment, and the most important element in this is monitoring the prices of competitors.


A meeting with the buyer / client at a point of sale or place of service and accompanying his purchase. The methodology includes elements of in-depth interviews, included and non-included observation. The study is conducted by a qualified psychologist, whose task is to understand the true attitude of the respondent towards the product, service or service process.

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