GAMMA brings insightful results through large-scale In-Store Audit Study in Uzbekistan

GAMMA, a market research company, recently completed a large-scale In-store Audit study in five cities of Uzbekistan. The study was conducted to gain insight into the distribution of confectionery products in traditional and modern trade channels. As a result, the client received the information about the following parameters: distribution, prices, share of own brands on the shelves of categories.

"We are thrilled to have been able to provide our client with such insightful results from this audit study," said GAMMA CEO, Inga Potskhishvili. "It's always exciting to be able to use our expertise and knowledge to bring value to our clients."

The audit study was conducted by auditors visiting stores across different cities in Uzbekistan over a period of six weeks. They gathered data on various parameters such as presence/absence of products on shelves, pricing and brand positioning within category shelves as well as other qualitative information such as promotions and shelf visibility.

This type of audit is very important for consumer goods companies as it helps them understand their exact position in the market against competitors and optimize their product strategy accordingly. It also gives them valuable insights into consumer behaviour which can be used for future marketing campaigns.

Moreover, it provides an understanding of how their product is performing compared to others in terms of availability, pricing and promotion activities. This helps companies identify areas that need improvement or where they have an opportunity for growth.

The insights provided by GAMMA through this large-scale audit study will help the client make informed decisions about their current product strategy and will allow them to better understand consumer behaviour in Uzbekistan's retail markets.

"This project was a great success for us," said Inga. "It is always rewarding when we can assist our clients with valuable insights that help them achieve their goals.