GAMMA helped Auto Insurance Provider understand their Target Market and Launch Go-To-Market Strategy

Before entering the market, the provider wanted to better understand their target market and determine if the insurance concept resonates with drivers.

GAMMA conducted a study that included, focus-groups, in-depth interview. A survey was also conducted for subsequent segmentation and cluster analysis to create significant and meaningful cohorts. The in-depth findings helped identify key information such as how many consumers will potentially switch to the brand and why they would connect with it.

Our proposal helped determine which branding ideas best fit their ideal perspectives. GAMMA provided a comprehensive look at different types of auto insurance buyers, giving them a deep understanding of their potential customer base.

The analysis revealed that customers value knowledgeable staff who can provide advice on policies. They also expect transparency from their insurer in terms of pricing and coverage details as well as quick resolution times for any claims or issues they may have. Furthermore, customers preferred insurers that offer online services such as online quotes or online payments so they can manage their policy from home or on the go.

The client was pleased with the detailed insights provided by GAMMA's research which allowed them to develop an effective go-to-market strategy tailored specifically to their target market's needs and preferences. This has enabled them to successfully launch their product into the market with confidence in its success.

Thanks to GAMMA's thorough research methods and expertise in segmentation studies, this auto insurance provider now has all the necessary information needed to make informed decisions about launching into the market and engaging current customers more effectively.