Media consumption by Urban Georgia Population


The second comprehensive study of media consumption, initiated by Gamma Research, will be carried out among the urban population of Georgia. It is a first step towards developing a media strategy, which, due to its volatility, requires continuous and complex analysis. It should be treated as an ongoing activity - you should always be aware of your customers, their needs and preferences, as well as understand what factors are changing that can affect your marketing plans.

Media consumption research can help in gaining valuable information about your target audience, by gender, age groups, income; understanding consumer behavior, lifestyle and preferences (where and how do they spend most of their time?; how many people and at what frequency are targeted by a particular media platform?), determining the most effective medium for promoting your message - TV commercials, newspapers and magazines, posters, outdoor advertisements or social media.

In other words, gaining a more profound insight into your customers' expectations and determining the type of messages, the timing and frequency of their delivery in the traditional and digital forms, can help you reach out to the right people at the right time and develop winning media strategies.

Depending on your specific interests, we would also be pleased to provide you with an in-depth data analysis of media consumption so as to track the ongoing trends, related to more than 50 products. It provides greater insights into your business and into the wider marketplace.

This is powerful information to analyze how these elements lead business to a long-term success.

Having good market intelligence allows minimizing risks when making key business decisions.

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