Which gas stations do Georgian drivers choose?


Which gas stations do Georgian drivers choose?

We have studied the gasoline market of the 5 largest providers in Georgia.

The results of the inquiry indicate that 5 companies hold more than 95% of the market. The majority of respondents - 85% own a car with a gasoline engine (that includes hybrid vehicles), 14 own a diesel-engine car and 1% own a car working on gas and/or gasoline.

Graph 1: Market Share by Leader Companies/Trust by company/Trust among Company Customers:

With a market share of 37% Rompetrol is the dominant company in Georgia. It is also the only company with relatively large trust compared to its market share and the only company that mo-re than 90% of its customers trust. Lukoil and Socar are the two least trusted companies both among their customers and among drivers in general.

Gulf is the next largest provider, having market share of 23%. Wissol and Socar hold the 14% of the market each, while the share of Lukoil is a bit smaller - 12%. 

Below (Graph 2) we present the market shares by urban/rural locations. It should be emphasized that Rompetrol has the largest market share among both locations.

When it comes to gender, it should be underlined that Wissol has the largest share of female customers among its customer base.

Graph 2: By location/gender:

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